Alcon Aluminum Containers Factory was established 

by Commercial Registration No: 465577516 Industrial License No: 43833 


At Samaren Group, we recognize that adherence to the values of integrity and honesty has resulted in attracting trust and customer satisfaction and maintaining the Group's reputation over the past 28 years.
We at the universe plant believe that in order to create value for consumers, our products should not only feature superior quality, but should exceed consumer expectations from a broader perspective.


We strive to provide high quality products at reasonable prices to achieve a greater market share and look forward to fulfill harmony with vision 2030 economic development in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while adhering to the vision of the Samaren Group by transferring experience and qualifying new generations for a comprehensive renaissance of our homeland.

Our first and last mission is to manufacture a high quality product with international specifications and standards and provide them to our customers in an excellent manner that takes into consideration their requirements and needs. 


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Alcon Aluminum Containers Factory was established by
Commercial Registration No: 465577516 Industrial License No: 43833 in the Industrial Zone. It is a factory specialized in the manufacture of disposable aluminum plates and food parcel containers. We have the expertise to expand the manufacturing process to accommodate the local market and export to the Gulf and Arab markets in line with the policy of the State and Vision 2030, which one of the most important goals is to support the industries and small and medium enterprisest.

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